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Valentines Stencil [12 Feb 2008|09:09am]

So Valentines is coming up and i made a stencil for my girlfriend from a photo with us with our cat roast. I had the paint already there so i made 2 different versions of it. Just trying to get an idea on which one i should use.

Let the voting commence. Some of the lines werent quite even and a little bit of bleeding but they still came out pretty good.

check it out under the CUTCollapse )
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Band shirt [15 May 2007|08:40am]

So i did a test of a shirt design i drew for my band. Hopefully will make a few of these up aand sell some handmade shirts at our shows. I think it came out well for a hand drawing.

...---...Collapse )
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[08 Mar 2007|11:33am]

[ mood | determined ]

very first post here,

im launching my own site/clothing company and im doing a line of t shirts of my favorite artists.

i almost shit myself when i saw the bob dylan stencil so i was wondering if anyone could help me out with:

bowie/ziggy stardust stencils
the beatles
the stooges
ny dolls
tom waits
mick jagger
andy warhol/the velvet undrground
the crimson ghost
the ramones

im going to be painting them onto plain t shirts so id appreciate anything simple you can give me.

also, any stencils of horse heads or anything really 60's-esque.

anything fun really is awesome. thank you so much!

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Deer Singlet [12 Feb 2007|03:15pm]


So i made a Singlet for my girlfriend. In the process i forgot that the shirt was streched, so i moved it between 1st layer and the rest. that is why it doesnt quite alighn with the other layers. but it turned out allright.

onto 2 picturesCollapse )
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[10 Feb 2007|12:34pm]

Can someone please turn these pictures into one layer stencils?

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[26 Jan 2007|07:59pm]

Surprised to find no Bob Dylan Stencil, Made this one up quickly. enjoy
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[14 Nov 2006|01:32am]
Does anyone have any one-layer or like beginner-intermediate (like one layer only)

Little Miss Sunshine
The Office
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[07 Nov 2006|06:36pm]

I was hoping someone could make me a stencil of this...maybe clean up the picture a little? I can't do it on my computer.

Any help would be sooooooooooo appreciated!!!

Stencil Please!Collapse )
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[05 Oct 2006|04:12pm]

[ mood | ugh ]

anyone have any hugging stencils? candy stencils?

my apologies if this isn't allowed.

i'm a little desperate though.

also posted in another stencil community, can't remember which one. o_0

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: ] First post. [09 Sep 2006|05:08pm]


Hi ! I just got a new computer & it has no sort of photo editing program on it yet : [
I was wondering if anyone here can make a no layer stencil of this picture. Thanks a bunch.

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3m can bite me [18 Sep 2006|09:54am]

This is my first offical posts. The stencil is 71 inches long and took me 2 days to make in photoshop and cut. Then my spray adhisive didn't work like it was supposed to and so I got under spray and over spray cause I was too lazy to put stuff down on the edges......but uh, enjoy

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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[15 Sep 2006|04:31pm]

Does anyone here make and sell custom stencils?

I have some images I want cut into stencils but I dont have the dextarity in my hands to do it.
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[07 Sep 2006|04:32pm]

hey guys.
i asked the other day if anyone had a neil young stencil but i haven't gotten a reply. so instead, i was wondering if someone would be willing to make me a stencil of the following photograph? i just don't have the program to do it myself otherwise i certainly would. if possible, i would also like it enlarged so that i can spray paint it onto a canvas for him. i would definitely be willing to do some sort of trade in return, perhaps i could send a mix cd your way? thanks a lot in advance!!
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[06 Sep 2006|07:29pm]

heyyy. i was wondering if anyone would happen to have a neil young stencil? i am going to use it for a friend's birthday present. thanks a lot!
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Fish stencil [15 Jul 2006|11:59pm]

would anyone know a great place to find a Koi fish stencil/or have a stencil? it would help me out greatfully because im search retarted
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when combining iron-on transfers and stenciling.... [11 Jun 2006|11:25am]

which should i do first, personally in this project, i'd like to stencil first but does anyone know if there is a better way of the two?

stencil then iron-transfer?
or iron-transfer then stencil?
or does it not matter?


[edit] i should probably mention: the stencil doesnt overlap the iron-on and vice versa. but they do line up pretty close.
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[07 Jun 2006|09:28pm]

does anyone possibly have a stencil of sushi? I'd prefer either a single large one or about eight or so smaller ones...it's kind of important and I'd appreciate any help.

I hope this is allowed here, if not...I will delete my post.

thanks =]
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flowers in the attic [03 May 2006|04:56pm]

can anyone remember who originally did 'flowers in the attic'? he also did the one with the guy hanging himself on the streetlamp. he's really good but i forgot his name.

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Course on stencils and graffiti [06 Apr 2006|12:48pm]

HI! I’m hoping you guys will help me……
I’m taking a course in instructional design. For a class project, I am putting together a course on graffiti and stenciling.
If you could take a few minutes and fill out my questionnaire, it will help me develop a fun and interesting course that reflects the interests of REAL people!
Please complete this survey by answering the questions in a comment or by emailing your answers to SwillyJilly@gmail.com
Thanks for your time!



Marital/Relationship Status-

Living Arrangements (ie, w/parents, w/roommates, own apartment/house, college dorm etc)-

Educational Experience/Highest Grade Completed (ie, High School grad, college grad, current student, GED etc)-

When learning new information, how would you prefer to learn?
-online/web based course
-cd rom based course
-traditional classroom setting
-other (please specify)

Do you have basic computer experience/knowledge?

Do you have experience with photo editing/graphics software?
If so, What software have you used?

Do you have previous experience with graffiti or stencils?
If so-
What kind of experience?
How did you learn?
Do you still work with graffiti or stencils?

If you chose to take a course on graffiti/stenciling, what would you want to learn?
What would you hope to be able to accomplish at the end of this course?
What specific projects would you want to complete after learning the material presented in this course?

Would a course on graffiti/stenciling be useful or interesting?

If you chose to take a course on graffiti/stenciling, Is there anything that would prevent you from learning the material?

Any other suggestions on how to make this course interesting and informative?

Thank you for your time
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first stencils EVER. [03 Apr 2006|08:26pm]


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